Relational Liberalism and BTC-Backed Dollars

Would you like to dive into Tyron's vision and learn more about relational liberalism and bitcoin-backed stablecoins? Keep reading! Let's explore topics related to the economic challenges we all face in these times.

Relational Liberalism and BTC-Backed Dollars

Relational liberalism is a way of thinking about how our relationships and interactions with others affect us. It's based on liberal ideas but adds that being part of a community and caring about nature is important, too. While regular liberalism focuses on individual rights, relational liberalism says that our social connections and the environment also matter for our freedom and money.

Tyron's approach to technology focuses on using Bitcoin and decentralized networks to promote the common good, inspired by teachings from indigenous communities. This idea highlights the importance of both individual and collective well-being, where financial freedom is seen as something that benefits everyone.

Sovereignty, a fundamental principle for Tyron, expands beyond land ownership to include our bodies and personal data, including our digital money.

Did you know that inflation is also a type of economic pollution?

Inflation happens when prices go up, and one reason for this is because oil prices increase. Most oil trades use US dollars, which makes the United States very powerful in the world economy. But some countries and groups want to be more independent by using their own money instead of the US dollar for things like buying oil, and some are already doing this [1].

Inflation and rising prices don't just make things like gas more expensive; they also help big companies make a lot of money. That's true for companies in industries like mining and supermarkets. Recent studies found that these big profits for companies are a big reason why prices are going up in Australia [2].

How Bitcoin can help solve inflation?

Bitcoin can help fight inflation by cutting down on the excessive printing of money by States. This can make a real difference for regular people and local economies.

Tyron is developing a special kind of money called stablecoins. They're backed by Bitcoin, which is like digital gold. These stablecoins can be worth the same as money from countries where prices don't go up too fast, like the US or Singapore. Tyron wants to give people a reliable way to deal with inflation, such as in Argentina, where prices go up a lot every month.

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