What is the TYRON DAO?

What is the TYRON DAO?

The coordination of the projects is the job of the TYRON DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO).

On the TYRON Network, the DAO has a self-sovereign identity. You can access the organisation's DID Social Tree at tyron.did. To find out about the Tyron Coop Minority Reports with the development info and other valuable information, such as the Gather Virtual Office 🔥.

The DAO has a multidisciplinary team dubbed Tyron Coop. With contributors from independent projects working in various support areas to the decentralized network of self-sovereign identities: the TYRON Network.

The areas cover

  • Engineering & software development
  • Pedagogy & anthropology
  • Design & technical analysis

The principle of the Coop is to work holistically with independent projects and to encourage self-sovereignty in all developers.

The TYRON DAO has two legal entities:

  • Tyron Mapu: a Community Interest Company (CIC) registered in the UK, and that provides information services. By law, it must reinvest 65% of profits into the community.
  • Tyron Pungtas: a private company registered in Singapore, whose main activity is the development of web portals.

These legal entities support the DAO in maintaining a relational approach to technology. So that the protocol of the TYRON Network, the Self-Sovereign Identity Protocol, cannot be corrupted and to maintain a network of cooperation to address socio-economic and environmental issues. Tyron Mapu CIC will address these issues in three areas: social injustices, DeFi education, and remediation of the environment.


Thanks for reading! You can get a decentralized identity on the TYRON Network & learn more with the Social Tree of the SSI Protocol.

Also available in Spanish.

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