Social Tree

Social Tree

The Social Tree is a decentralized space within your SSI on the TYRON Network where you can publicly group and display your links. These can be links to your products, services, or personal & organisational information you wish to share.

Here is what Tyron's Social Tree looks like: we have all the links to our social media and information we are interested in sharing.

What is the Social Tree from a technical point of view?

Through blockchain platforms, it is possible to anchor an identifier with metadata describing your public information. You can think of the identifier as your ID or national ID number and the metadata as the rest of the information in your ID card. These digital identifiers are called Decentralized Identifiers or DIDs.

Unlike usernames and email addresses that are usually utilised to authenticate our identities on the internet and which are stored in intermediary institutions (often private), DIDs seek to democratise information control. This way, the information contained in a DID is not centralized. Instead, the power of this information is exclusive to the person who owns the identifier.

The metadata mentioned above, anchored to your Decentralized Identifier, is called DID Document. This DID Document contains the cryptographic keys, which guarantee the security and privacy of your interactions, and the DID Services.

On the TYRON Network, the DID Services constitute your Social Tree. By displaying a DID Service, you can publicly share any website address that is relevant to you.

With the latest update on, we added a feature that allows you to edit each card with a colour combination of your choice and add a short description.

Thanks for reading! Get your decentralized identity and NFT Domain Name on the TYRON Network & learn more with the Social Tree of the SSI Protocol.

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