Raise your voice 3/8/22

Hi community!

Following up on the previous Raise your voice, we have been thinking about how to avoid collisions between blockchain domain name systems (DNS). For example, if someone sends you $ZIL to your username.did, how likely would it be that because of a DNS mistake, they would send the transfer to someone else?

We are building on decentralized technologies such as the Self-Sovereign Identity Protocol, which focuses on giving you complete control over your data. In practice, however, we understand that we may have to make compromises along the way as long as they are for the greater good in terms of security.

Therefore, we have decided to resolve a DID Subdomain according to the following:


Each user can decide which subdomain to use after the at sign - our stance in this regard remains unopinionated. We consider this feature very important to continue building so that everybody feels free in the decisions concerning their data. For instance, zil could be the DID Subdomain for your ZIL Staking xWallet to easily find and receive transfers into your zil@username.did.

And we are getting .did included as a blockchain top-level domain (TLD) in Unstoppable Domains DNS. This decision brings forward Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) to hundreds of applications worldwide, recognising this standard developed by the community for so many years already and that recently got endorsed as a W3C Recommendation.

Nonetheless, we will continue actively working in the Zilliqa ecosystem to support the community regarding integrations. You are welcome to raise your voice at tyron.network/xpoints!

Thanks for reading! Get your decentralized identity and NFT Domain Name on the Tyron Network & learn more with the Social Tree of the SSI Protocol.

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