Raise Your Voice

Raise Your Voice

As part of the development of the $TYRON $SSI Governing & Profit-Sharing Community (community.ssi), it is essential to keep updated on the latest decisions, what new ones will be taken and what should be discussed. As we are looking for transparency and community building, there is the xpoints.ssi dapp so that any user and community participant can express their preferences and propose new ideas and modifications in the form of motions.

From the last Raise Your Voice, work was done to resolve a series of motions related to the Domain Name System (DNS).

On the one hand, we aim to avoid the collision between domain name systems, so the following was determined: to access each of your xWALLETS, you must place the subdomain to the left of the NFT Domain Name, followed by an "@":


It is worth noting that every SSI can choose the subdomain they want for each wallet, xWALLET or decentralised application.

On the other hand, we agreed on having the .ssi/.did domain names included as blockchain top-level domains (TLD) in the resolution service of Unstoppable Domains. To finalise this phase, we are missing only two (not so) small details:

  • launch the .gzil domain
  • update the UD resolution service


A motion came up to update the parity of the SSI Dollar with the Singapore dollar.

NFT Domain Pricing

Based on another motion, we started to analyse the increase in NFT domain prices by sharing the following poll in the telegram group (ToT):

According to the responses obtained, the most popular option was to increase the price of .ssi/.did and .gzil domains to $20 (USD).

Coop Reallocation Program

The Coop Reallocation Program (CRP) aims to redistribute the $TYRON token allocation as a reward to the developers that work with the Tyron team. The amount to be distributed is 5% of the maximum supply, worth 500,000 $TYRON.

This reallocation of tokens will be carried out by organising tasks to be performed by the community in exchange for $TYRON tokens.

The CRP aims to redistribute the $TYRON tokens allocated to the cooperative of developers of the DAO.

The multiple tasks that will be part of this program are to be organised by the DAO. Part of them will be given as #Dev2Earn rewards through airdrops:

  • How many airdrops?
  • How many tokens per airdrop?

Starting with the KIÑE airdrop, it is appropriate to discuss the requirements to be eligible for the airdrop rewards. In such a way that is successful (in terms of simplicity and effectiveness) for everybody.

Remember that the priority to deal with the motions is given by the amount of xPOINTS each one has: the higher the xPOINTS, the higher the priority. And the xPOINTS are obtained by making donations (optional on most TYRON transactions) to the Donate.ssi dapp with the formula 1.0 ZIL = 1.0 xP.

Migration from Discord to Telegram

Another motion raised in the governance portal was about the migration from Discord to Telegram. We will maintain the server on Discord until mid-March and migrate all our channels to Telegram.

You are welcome to join the SSI Protocol community on Telegram: t.me/ssiprotocol.

Other Motions

We thank the community for raising their voices in order to continue growing and building tools for the common good.

This post is also available in Spanish.

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