Origin: the Tydras of Tyron

Origin: the Tydras of Tyron

The Nawelito (from Mapuzugun nawel: tiger) is a mythological being that lives in the waters of the Nahuel Huapi Lake and around the Nahuel Huapi National Park. This extensive natural area was the first to be declared a national park and reserve in Argentina and is one of the first national parks in the world. The lake and the national park take their name from the largest island in the lake: Nawel Wapi (in Mapuzugun, wapi means island), which used to be inhabited by big cats. Today this island is known as Victoria Island.


On Tyron, the Nawelito manifests as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) called Tydra. Tydras represent the spirit of the lakes as interdimensional beings protectors of the Kvme Felen (common good), which self-sovereign identities can mint to transport their data on the network. The Tydras as NFTs are an analogy of how the relational technology brought forward in Tyron's origin is possible with Web3 and blockchain, using these NFTs for recognition and access to communities and the future metaverse.

Self-sovereign identity

In the Mapuche worldview, there is no term to refer to nature. All the forces of the Mapu interrelate with each other and within us. In an analogous way to the Virgin, Divine Mother, Pachamama, Stella Maris, Mary, Ram IO, and Tonantzin, the Mapu represents the energy of creation. The Nawelito invites us to remember, recognize and reconnect with that feminine force within us. Unfortunately, the current system has led us to think of nature as something external to us, an object worthy of commodification. Consequently, we are going through a systemic and socio-economic crisis. With Tyron, we seek to make us reflect on these aspects and develop new technologies and ways of relating to each other in pursuit of the Kvme Felen.

Nahuel Huapi National Park, where the Nawelito comes from, is home to a great diversity of flora and fauna, both native and exotic. Around 3 thousand species that inhabit its surroundings are known to date. From coihue, lenga, and ñire to cypress, and mañiú forming extensive and dense forests, coexisting with diverse species that have adapted to the most extreme conditions of high altitudes and low temperatures. Among this enormous diversity of fauna, there are 24 species considered "Vertebrate Species of Special Value" due to their characteristics and state of conservation. Among them are the imperial cormorant, monito del monte, torrent duck, condor, puma, pudu, huiña cat, guanaco, grey fox, and several species of amphibians. Also in this group is the huillín (you can see it in the logo of the Nahuel Huapi National Park) that lives in the rivers, lakes, and forest lagoons. It is essential for its habitat to conserve the natural state of the beaches, including coastal vegetation, rocks, and logs. The huillín, the huemul and almost 50 other species are endangered.


The ecosystem of the Nawelito is threatened by cattle ranching and the introduction of exotic species of flora and fauna. Also, due to natural and intentional wildfires, poaching, water pollution, garbage accumulation, contamination of lakes with sewage effluents, mining, illegal logging, road works, certain health risks, and the list could go on and on.

The TYRON Network began on 11/11/2021 with the force of 1 (the unity, the Father) and 2, symbolising the force of the Mother as Mother Space, Mother Nature and Mother Earth. And in the year 2021, whose synthesis was 5, a number representing the realised human being and the perfection of Da Vinci's Vitruvian measure.

Vitruvian woman

The Tydras of Tyron connect us with lakes, mountains, volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls! To make us feel the power of nature and bring awareness of the choices we can make every day. The Nawelito NFT shares the vision of protecting water, forests and life.


Using technology in a relational way through these NFTs invites us to reflect and position ourselves in our natural environment, feeling the magical energy of these Protector Beings of the waters that ask us to act for the common good. Because the Nawelito, like the Moon, also has a dark side: Nessy, the "destruction". But not because of evil but because when everything is destroyed, there is a new beginning. Fire ravages and renews nature, but sometimes we do not see ourselves as part of nature. So instead of protecting our environment, we contribute to its destruction (even indirectly when doing nothing or having no opinion about it). We have often allowed the destruction of forests and contamination of water sources. Thus without realising that water is vital for us and that we must take care of life on our planet. It is time now, time to come together and prioritise the protection of life!

Tydras are fire dragons that live in volcanoes where there is always water in perfect fusion. Like us, we have the fire of our Spirit and our body's water, just like our blue planet with 71% water and a magma centre. These dragons move in the earth's interior and appear through volcanoes and caves in the lakes. That is why we see the Nawelito in Patagonia, Argentina and Nessy in Loch Ness in Britain, representing various identities of the same natural force.


A new world is upon us, and Gaia (as our Mother Earth) is asking us to act. May we find that energy of collaboration and empathy within us to help and assist us in protecting life in all its forms. At this moment, there are more and more Guardians of nature, like indigenous peoples. They are fighting against oil & gas multinational companies, hydroelectric corporations and the wealthy of the world who have bought up lakes and fenced off forests and mountains. The defence of nature is for all living beings, so we shall take the newen (strength) of the ngen mawiza (mountains) while respecting all the identities of the Mapu (Earth).


We can connect Tydras NFTs with our self-sovereign identities on the blockchain by minting them through portals that connect us with these interdimensional beings. The Nawelito portal is open from October 30th to November 22nd, 2022, and the Nessy portal will open on November 22nd, 2023.

The NFT token gets minted on the Zilliqa blockchain. The Tydras GIFs are stored on Arweave's permaweb, a decentralized network to store data with censorship resistance and permanently: forever! Thank you very much, Arweave and ArConnect, for contributing by also making this transaction free of charge when done from the TYRON Network on desktops and laptops.


It is essential to incentivise SSIs that own Tydras and highlight the relational use of NFT technology on the TYRON Network. Therefore, owning a Tydra has exclusive benefits for your self-sovereign identity.

The first benefit of the Tydras of Tyron is free NFT Domain Name transfers. Domain names that have a Tydra can be transferred at no cost.

What does it mean to have free NFT Domain Name transfers?

By choosing the "TYDRA" option, you can perform the following transactions for free:

  • Transfer the NFT Domain Name: to change the wallet that holds the NFT (the DIDxWALLET whose address is linked to your .did domain).
  • Update the NFT Domain Name: to change the address of your .ssi domain to a new one.

For now, this benefit is unlimited. Later on, the community can vote and choose to change it.

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