NFT Domain Name

NFT Domain Name

An NFT Domain Name is a unique identifier in the TYRON Network.

Through this type of NFT you access your decentralized identity and all your valuable information. Furthermore, and not least, it allows you to access your DIDxWallet (username.did), which is your main Web3 wallet on the TYRON Network. You could say that the NFT Domain Name functions as an alias, simplifying your web browsing.

It also allows you to access your wallets through your DID Subdomains.

With NFTs, you can also make use of Social Recovery (protect and recover your Zilliqa wallet key), Receive Funds (and save in more than 53 currencies), create your Social Tree and much more!

For now, domain names have to have a minimum of six characters.

A little more technical information:

  • An NFT on the TYRON Network points to two addresses (which can be the same): the first one is part of the Domain Name System (DNS), and you can decide to which address to assign your NFT Domain Name, e.g. it can be the address of another application (and it is also possible that this works as a renting of the name).
  • The second address is in the DNS DID and refers to the DID that controls the NFT. Through remote reading, it is possible to read the data of this DID from any other application (e.g. from your identity to read the DID of your guardians to verify Social Recovery).

Thanks for reading! Get your decentralized identity and NFT Domain Name on the TYRON Network & learn more with the Social Tree of the SSI Protocol.

Also available in Spanish.

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