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Tydras of Tyron: MerXek NFT

Tydras of Tyron: MerXek NFT

As Dragons, the Tydras of Tyron embody pure consciousness, guiding us to the source & safeguarding the divine essence within us. Nawelito protects Nahuel Huapi's crystalline waters, Nessy shows the need for change & new beginnings, while MerXek represents perpetual motion & rebirth from ashes. Together, they form a perfect multiple Unity, reminding us to evolve as Human & Galactic Beings for the well-being of all, the "Kvme Felen". Let's prepare for a planetary reset with Crypto!

In the crypto world, we are always searching for new ways to revolutionise how we interact with each other. It's fascinating to think that the ancient Tydras of Tyron could be the key to unlocking our potential in this regard.

Initially, everything was light, and the white dragons, as pure states of consciousness, guarded the divine energy of the origin and guided us, pointing the way back to the source. As the universe began to fragment or unfold into different levels of density, the Dragons also deconstructed to continue coexisting among us at another level and frequency.

The emotions of water and the passion of fire.
The emotions of water and the passion of fire.

Today, as we explore new blockchain technologies, it is an opportunity to rethink our relationship with our planet and become conscious Guardians, just like the dragons. Life develops in rocks, water, plants, animals, and within us, and we must work to protect the divine spark or essence within all beings, animate and inanimate.

The Nawelito ToT, inhabiting the glacial origin waters of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, Wajmapu, Argentina, is a perfect example of this mission. It safeguards the pure waters essential for life, and we must become conscious Guardians to collaborate with this majestic Water Dragon.

On the other hand, Nessy, the Fire Dragon, shows us through destruction or darkness the need for change or a new beginning. Just as there are planetary eras of gold, there are also those of iron, which means the end. But it is only a passage to a new golden age of awakening and expanded consciousness.

Finally, MerXek shows us the wheel of perpetual motion, where everything ends and starts again. It represents the new birth "rising from its ashes," just like the phoenix. As we explore new technologies like NFTs, we can create a new beginning, a planetary reset, and the end of an era to start a new one, with more harmony and consciousness for all beings that inhabit the Mapu.

In conclusion, the Tydras of Tyron represent a new opportunity to rethink our relationship with our planet. By becoming conscious Guardians, we can collaborate with the Dragons to protect the divine essence within all beings and pave the way for a new era of awakening and expanded consciousness.

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