Lunar 2023 roadmap

Lunar 2023 roadmap

The Tyron DAO is organising the projects' roadmap per semester between the solstices. The first one of the year is the Lunar phase, while the second semester is the Solar phase since the Tyron SSI Protocol started in the second half of 2020.

The Lunar 2023 period comprises the semester between 21/12/2022 & 21/6/2023.

Humankind is influenced not only by the sun but also by the moon. The moon controls the water on our planet, and since we have around 60% of water in our bodies, we are also under the moon's power. Our emotions also represent water, and as highly emotional beings, it is crucial for us to resonate with nature (mapu) since we are all part of this enormous and precious ecosystem.


Tyron Early Adopter badges

We believe in recognising the importance of our early users to keep developing the project with the Tyron Mapu values of respect & reciprocity. That is why the Tyron DAO will issue Tyron Early Adopter (TEA) Non-Fungible tokens to reward, recognise, and incentivise the TYRONfam users supporting the project from the beginning. Users' SSI accounts will be able to mint the TEA NFTs as Soulbound tokens from their SBTx wallets.

.gzil DNS

Self-Sovereign Identity Domain Name System

To celebrate that this semester the Tyron SSI Protocol is turning three years of continuous development on Zilliqa, the SSI Domain Name System is launching a new domain: .gzil. To reward the ZILfam, users who control a .zil domain will be welcome to mint a .gzil NFT at no extra cost from their SSI accounts. The free minting periods will be limited in time and announced accordingly. In order to pay for minting & transferring fees, it is possible to do so with several tokens, including ZIL, gZIL, TYRON, XSGD & zUSDT. All these profits are to be managed & distributed by the community.ssi dapp (the Governing & Profit-Sharing Community).

TYRON tokens

Reallocation programs

The goal of these programs is to increase decentralisation & fairness of the distribution of the TYRON tokens, which have a limited max supply of 10 million tokens.

Coop Reallocation Program

The Coop Reallocation Program (CRP) is meant to distribute the TYRON tokens allocation predetermined as rewards to the developers of the DAO. Such an amount is 5% of the maximum supply, worth 500,000 TYRON. There will be open tasks to welcome the community's participation.

Pungtas Reallocation Program

To increase liquidity and support the community.ssi dapp development, the Pungtas Reallocation Program (PRP) will transfer 500,000 TYRON to the freeworld.ssi account.


Decentralised application

This new SSI dapp, managed by Tyron Mapu CIC, can receive TYRON donations to then redistribute them in exchange for XSGD and at a discount compared to the TYRON$SI price in the community.ssi dapp. The Tyron DAO will use those Singapore dollars to fund the SSI Protocol projects.

Users of the freeworld.ssi account will be subject to a predetermined vesting schedule, so these TYRON tokens get progressively unlocked.


Governing & Profit-Sharing Community

Now that the market conditions are improving, we are getting closer to launching the Governing & Profit-Sharing Community (community.ssi). You can learn more info from the white paper.


The Decentralised Finance (DeFi) xWALLET will enable SSI accounts to interact with applications such as decentralised exchanges and the community.ssi dapps with the security of Social Recovery and from one simple & straightforward interface.

SSI Dollar

Self-Sovereign Identity Dollar

The Tyron DAO will finalise the first version of the SSI Dollar ($SI). During the closed beta period, it will likely be possible to lock XSGD to mint $SI, keeping the ownership/control over both assets in order to minimise the community's risk exposure.


Tydras of Tyron NFTs

A new Tydra of Tyron (ToT) is coming for this semester's eclipse season. This time, the Nawelito NFT will come back from a new dimension.

ToT owners have a voice & vote in Tyron's private chat, where we share exclusive information. And they can transfer their ToT domain names at no cost.

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