CMR Lunar 2023

CMR Lunar 2023

Tyron SSI DAO develops the Self-Sovereign Identity Protocol with a democratic, self-sovereign, and decentralised design. We invite other SSIs to participate in the network's decision-making process and try to encourage collective and transparent responsibility among all participants. The main goal is to promote the Kvme Felen, or the common good, for our growth as a planet and human beings.

Tyron DAO is a Decentralised Autonomous Organization that supports the cooperative of developers (called the Coop) that works with the Self-Sovereign Identity Protocol (ssiprotocol.ssi).

During the first quarter of this year, we focused on achieving the following milestones, divided into three categories:



The community has been testing the new SSI account with more than 2,200 NFTs minted on testnet. The upgraded DIDx wallet introduces a new free, non-custodial, open-source DeFi account, just like all SSI Protocol applications.

With the new DIDxWALLET, you can perform the following transactions from the ZilPay mobile app:

  • Set up your account with Social Recovery and add or remove NFT guardians individually or in a batch transaction.
  • Update your profile to manage your Social Tree.
  • Deactivate your account if you need to terminate it.
  • Deposit, hold, and transfer your tokens, including $ZIL and over 50 tokens like $TYRON, $gZIL, and $XCAD.
  • Mine NFT domain names with $ZIL and new stablecoins, such as $XIDR.
  • Deposit, hold, and transfer non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • Use new SSI dapps, including lexica.ssi and gZIL.ssi, which introduce support for all NFTs that comply with the ZRC6 standard.
  • Mint Tydras of Tyron NFTs using multiple tokens.
  • Perform multi-token transfers of up to 5 tokens simultaneously in a batch transaction.

NFT domain names with multi-language support

The SSI DNS has enabled the option to use non-ASCII characters in NFTs with the domains .ssi x .did & .gzil! Now diverse SSIs can own domain names in their language. When minting your NFT Domain Name, you can use letters and symbols in any language.

New tokens

We have added the VIRUZZ Creator Token and Lulu99 Fan Token to the, based on a motion from the xpoints.ssi dapp that was supported by SSIs using their $xPOINT tokens.

Both tokens now have full support for deposits, holds, and transfers, all secured by NFT Social Recovery.


Coop Relocation Program

The Coop Relocation Program (CRP) started as a community sharing space to distribute the $TYRON tokens allocated to the Coop, the cooperative of developers working with the SSI Protocol. As part of this #Dev2Earn program, we conducted two testing programs with $TYRON rewards called Airdrop Kiñe and Airdrop Epu.

Airdrop Kiñe
First, we encourage the community to create an SSI account and mint an NFT Domain Name by paying the minting fee with $ZIL. For the tutorial, you can follow this link.

Airdrop Epu
In this instance, we focus on user security by testing the Social Recovery configuration. The community familiarised themselves with the steps that ensure SSI accounts are the most secure in the ecosystem. The tutorial is available here.


We started a podcast called "identidades.ssi", where we invite guests to discuss their project's identity with the Coop. We've already released two episodes available on YouTube and with captions in many languages.


White paper

This document aims to summarise the Self-Sovereign Identity Protocol projects and is updated regularly. The latest xWALLETS, which are currently in their testing phase, have been added, along with changes to the protocol terminology, aiming for simplicity. You can find the updated version at:

SSI Protocol white paper

Social media

To reach a wider audience, we are creating content in both Spanish and English. We have shared several infographics on social media.

TWITTER • @ssiprotocol / • @tyronssi

INSTAGRAM • @ssiprotocol / • @tyronssi

TELEGRAM • @ssiprotocol

YOUTUBE • @ssiprotocol

LINKEDIN • @tyronssi

TIKTOK • @ssiprotocol

+ Links to infographics:
Identidades.ssi Podcast¿Qué es el Kvme Felen?Coop Relocation ProgramAirdrop Kiñe

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