Relational Liberalism & Sovereign Identity Dollars: Tyron's Vision for Financial Inclusion and Economic Resilience

Dive into Tyron's vision of Relational Liberalism & Sovereign Identity Dollars, addressing economic challenges and fostering resilience.

Relational Liberalism & Sovereign Identity Dollars: Tyron's Vision for Financial Inclusion and Economic Resilience

Relational liberalism is a political philosophy that emphasizes the importance of social relationships and interactions in shaping individuals and their well-being. It draws on liberal principles while recognizing that individuals are part of social contexts and the environment. In the context of liberalism, which traditionally prioritizes individual rights and freedoms, relational liberalism seeks to balance these principles by understanding the impact of social connections and our natural environment on individual autonomy and financial freedom.

Tyron's relational use of technology revolves around leveraging Bitcoin and decentralized networks to embody Kvme Felen/Ubuntu principles. This concept emphasizes both individual and collective well-being, aligning with the idea of "good living" in Kvme Felen, where financial freedom is a shared good. The approach involves nurturing networks that care for both individual and collective liberties and rights, extending to the responsible stewardship of a nation's natural resources.

Sovereignty, a key tenet for Tyron, goes beyond land ownership — it encompasses our bodies and personal data. Drawing from Kvme Felen, it serves as a guiding principle, emphasizing the interrelationship between health, body, and territory. In this ethos, harmony among these elements is paramount, recognizing the holistic importance of ownership in well-being.

Neoliberalism has left its mark on our territories, notably in Argentina, fostering financial exclusion and the neo-colonial influence of extractive multinational companies. Tyron recognizes these challenges and is committed to countering such impacts, striving for a more inclusive and equitable approach to technology and resources. Together, we aim to reshape the narrative, fostering sustainable practices and empowering local communities.

Inflation as Economic Contamination

One driver of inflation is the surge in oil prices, primarily traded in USD. The global reliance on the USD in oil trade has contributed to the economic supremacy or imperialism of the United States. However, more countries and economic blocs, such as BRICS, seek greater sovereignty by reducing their dependence on the US dollar in international trade, including oil transactions—some countries are already opting for local currencies [1].

Inflation and rising prices impact not only the cost of fuel for transportation (both goods and people) but also contribute to excessive profits for major private corporations. These substantial gains are evident in extractive companies in general and major supermarket chains. However, the impact on inflation is pronounced due to oil being priced in dollars [2]. Recent analyses also suggest that excessive corporate profits have been a significant cause of inflation in Australia [3].

Tyron's SSI dollars directly address the tangible impact of inflation on the streets and local economies. The goal is to introduce more stable currencies, such as the Singaporean and US dollars, to regions affected by hyperinflation, like Argentina. By leveraging currencies with low inflation rates from developed economies, Tyron aims to provide a reliable financial alternative supporting local communities in navigating economic challenges.

While the S$I dollar can be backed by XSGD, a regulated stablecoin from Singapore, the Bitcoin-powered stablecoin, Syron U$D, is pegged to the US dollar:

1 S$I = 1 SGD

Sovereign Identity Dollars

S$I Dollar
S$I Dollar

S$I dollars, which are SGD-pegged, can already be acquired on the Zilliqa network, swapping from ZIL, TYRON or XSGD. [4]

Later on, members of TyronDAO holding the soulbound token tyronSBT will be able to create S$I by burning TYRON, and vice versa, using the on-chain exchange rate on TyronDEX at the time of the transaction.

SSI Vaults

To create sovereign identity dollars, deposit collateral in an SSI Vault. These decentralized crypto vaults hold assets like stablecoins, giving users control over their vaults for increased security and self-sovereignty.

Syron U$D
Syron U$D

Collaterals supporting Syron U$D encompass Bitcoin as the new gold standard. And other collaterals such as real-world assets (RWA) like oil & gas and lithium also become possible. By tokenizing these natural resources, we can harness the transparency and security inherent in the Bitcoin network, offering a transformative perspective on extractivism. This technology-driven strategy is core to relational liberalism - and it not only enhances accountability in the energy transition but can also play a crucial role in advancing financial inclusion.

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