Your self-sovereign identity has a non-custodial wallet called DIDxWALLET. This wallet not only manages the holding and transfer of cryptocurrencies (like a savings bank) but also acts as the main head of your identity.

The DIDx wallet verifies that you own the DID Controller (private key also known as Zilliqa wallet) to allow or deny you access.

This digital wallet is open source and stands out from other wallets by integrating the W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DID) standard in its smart contract with other blockchain technologies such as:

  • NFT domain names
  • Fungible tokens (cryptocurrencies and stablecoins)
  • Social-recovery wallet
  • Subdomains to connect to other dapps and wallets (like your ZilPay & Binance wallets, for example)
  • ZRC6 standard for NFTs

The DIDx wallet gives you exclusive functionalities and great value for its versatility, decentralisation and online security.


  • Make transfers and view balances of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins (also of your Zilliqa wallet). With the option to add and withdraw funds from both your DIDx and ZilPay wallets. All cryptocurrencies of the Zilliqa blockchain are available on TYRON.
  • Simultaneous transfer of multiple tokens (to send up to 5 different currencies in the same transaction).
  • Update your DID Document. Renewing the DID keys of your identity in order to reaffirm your control over them as a security method, since these keys are used for verification mechanisms, and it is advisable to update them from time to time for greater security. You can also update your Social Tree as often as you need.
  • You can also update your Social Tree as many times as you want. Updating your tree from ZilPay mobile does not require a DID Signature. Moreover, if you make the DID Sig, then someone else can submit it as a meta-transaction (DIDxORDER), i.e. transactions created and signed by the user but executed by another account, which pays the network fees.
  • Update the controller wallet of your identity (ZilPay). This feature is useful when you want to use a new Zilliqa wallet to control and pay for the transactions of your decentralised identity.
  • Activate Social Recovery to regain control over your identity if you lose your controller wallet and cannot get access to it. Once activated, you can use this function to recover your identity with the help of the Guardians you set up when you configured Social Recovery (configure it once, use it everywhere). You will be able to set up Social Recovery from ZilPay mobile, which means that you will now be able to add and remove Guardians without needing your DID Signature, individually or together (in batch).
  • Manage the NFT domain names of your decentralised identity. You can transfer them to another identity or choose the name you want for each of your DID Subdomains. By combining DID technology with NFT Domain Names, your identity can create new wallets, easily access them and protect them with the same social recovery.
  • In addition, you have the option to deactivate your DIDxWALLET permanently.

You can get your SSI account and NFT Domain Name on the TYRON Network & learn more with the Social Tree of the SSI Protocol.

Also available in Spanish.

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