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Coop Minority Report 2022

Coop Minority Report 2022

2022 was a noteworthy year, and we want to express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people and everyone experiencing war and conflict. Our community rejects any violation of human rights and is very sorry for the destruction of ecosystems and cities worldwide.

With the $TYRON S$I Governing & Profit-Sharing Community (community.ssi), we seek to promote a system with a democratic, self-sovereign and decentralised organisation, inviting self-sovereign identities to be part of the profit-sharing and decision-making process of the SSI Protocol. This way, we aim to incentivise a collective effort where responsibility is transparent among all participants, striving towards the Kvme Felen understood as the common good that includes individual & community health and the planet's growth for all living beings and ecosystems.

The Tyron Decentralised Autonomous Organisation supports the cooperative of developers (dubbed Tyron Coop) working on the Self-Sovereign Identity Protocol (ssiprotocol.ssi).

We organize the development of the SSI Protocol into two periods per year, aligned with the solstices:

  • Lunar phase: 21/12/2021 -> 21/6/2022
  • Solar phase: 21/6/2022 -> 21/12/2022



Published the Spanish whitepaper, describing the implications and functionalities of Tyron. The basics around the open-source software and the allocation of profits, among other information of interest, are in the TYRON whitepaper.


Kickstarted the Tyron blog to highlight sections of the whitepaper, such as Tyron’s origin <> problem & worldview, which introduces the core values that guide us in developing the Tyron project. This new section includes our view on the current situation and describes, based on this perception, some proposals for a new approach. Added multilanguage support on the TYRON.Network, including Indonesian, Chinese, Spanish & English.



Incorporated Tyron Mapu as a community interest company (CIC) in the United Kingdom on April 8th. By law, 65% of its profits must get reinvested in the community through 3 axes: DeFi education (technology.ssi), social injustice (inequality.ssi), and maintenance & repair of the environment (ecocide.ssi).

Developed the private beta version of the TYRON token. Launched the xPoints & Donate dapps. And introduced the SSI Dollar during a Zilliqa hackathon in June, winning 2nd place!


Created the Coop space on Gather, a virtual community workspace for meetings. Tyron Pungtas, our tech enterprise registered in Singapore, turned 1 year on the 16th of July. Tyron Mapu initiated its EdTech space for technology.ssi.



New Social Tree feature to show the websites that are relevant to your SSI, in a decentralized and censorship-resistant manner. Added support for more tokens, reaching a total of 53 to promote an environment where equal opportunities, financial inclusion and diversity in all possible senses prevail. Introduced a new user interface built with Next.js & Vercel.


New soulbound tokens and ZIL staking xWallets, both non-custodial & with Social Recovery. An SBT is a non-transferable NFT, a non-fungible token linked to your SSI & with an SBTxWALLET, you can keep them all safe. With the same social recovery security that has the ZILxWALLET for staking on Zilliqa with all the benefits of TYRON to keep your assets secure.

  • The TYRON.Network turned one year & celebrated by launching the first NFT collection: the Tydras of Tyron.
  • The NFT domain names' length got reduced to 5 characters.
  • $TYRONSBT: The Tyron Soulbound Token to comply with the FATF Travel Rule recommendation and avoid harmful activities.

Happy 2023!

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