About Tyron SSI

The Tyron SSI Protocol originates from a critical and conscious view of the damage that some technologies (their human utility) cause to nature. The founder is a petroleum engineer who has witnessed the effects of this extractive industry. His experience allowed him to recognize that behind the exploitation of natural resources lies a logic of domination and commodification of nature for the economic benefit of a minority of people.

The word tyron comes from the Greek "turannos", which means "sovereign". The purpose of Tyron SSI is to provide you with sovereignty over your data. This sovereignty empowers the world and enhances our security without the need to exploit nature. It is achieved through the use of decentralised technologies like blockchain.

The Tyron SSI Protocol enables people to manage their digital identities, proving who they are without intermediaries. This functionality gets achieved by anchoring W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) on blockchain platforms as a shared root of trust. With these technologies, we can have legitimacy as users without handing over the control of our data to a centralised authority or third parties. With an SSI account, you can become the owner of your identity and financial assets.

TyronS$I DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization) administers the project, with support from two autonomous legal entities:

  • Tyron Mapu CIC: a Community Interest Company (CIC) registered in the UK under a type of community legislation enacted in 2004 that has precise rules for protecting communities. This company will offer information services through three axes: social injustice, technological education & maintenance and repair of the environment.
  • Tyron Pungtas Pte Ltd: a private company incorporated in Singapore that develops open-source software and decentralised applications to facilitate your digital management and control over your data.

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